Our Utmost For The Highest

The Methodist Church in Malaysia through its Council of Education has been in the forefront of pioneering work in the development of education in Malaysia. It was among the first to set up schools whose identity and character have left an indelible mark on the pattern of education today. The Council of Education has continued working closely with the Ministry of Education. The policies and practies of Methodist Education were always subject to the challenges and changes brought to bear on the political, economic and cultural spheres of the country.

"From their inception, Methodist Schools have been in the vanguard of nation-building. They have transcended the narrow confines of ethnicity, religion, language, culture and socio-economic boundary. Methodist schools continuously endeavour to develop each individual's potential and to encourage interaction with others so that everyone will become an integral part of the total school community. I believe these are important strategies that will create awareness of multi-racialism and will foster the spirit of mutual respect, understanding, oneness and loyalty. They will also enhance social values such as tolerance, cooperation and harmony between different communities. The records will reveal that Methodist schools have long been involved in the promotion of national unity- even long before Merdeka."
Almarhum YAB Tun Hussien Onn at the Lauching of the MEF, 1986

With this in mind, The Methodist Education Foundation (127942-D) was incorporated on 3rd October 1984 under the Companies Act, 1965 as a company limited by guarantee. The Foundation also upholds the aims of Methodist Education which are:

  1. To seek the training of youths and adults within the context of the Rukun Negara and the educational needs of the country, promoting the ideals of democracy, unity, inter-racial harmony and religious and cultural understanding and respect, and
  2. To seek the development of the whole person, so that he or she becomes an instrument of happiness to himself / herself and others, able to perform his / her private and public duties skillfully, magnanimously, justify and consistently.

The Foundation's principal object is -

"to receive and administer funds for educational, scientific and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare and for no other purposes."

To this end, the Foundation will assist in the provision, fostering, development and improvement of all levels of education, both formal and informal, commercial, vocational or technical, and provide scholarships, and contribute towards scientific research and teaching, providing medical and surgical facilities and services, and organise, carry out and support schemes for the relief of human suffering with the object of encouragement of self-help and rehabilitation.

Since 1988, it has benefitted 626 students and given out a mix of loans and grants amounting to nearly RM600,000. Other than that, the Foundation has also given grants for educational infrastructure development such as libraries and others.

"In 1992 I received a loan and scholarship from MEF which gave me the opportunity to pursue tertiary education and set me off for life. For four years, MEF and its staff supported me which made everything possible for me and my family now."

Wong Ting Sieong
Director and Country Manager of his own software company

"Saya amat menghargai dan mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada MEF kerana telah memberi peluang untuk mendapatkan Diploma dalam bidang saya ceburi iaitu Hospitality Management di Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman cawangan Kampar. "

Yafet A/L Bah Uda Aman
Working with a hotel in Cameron Highlands

Board of Trustees of the Methodist Education Foundation

Chairman: Bishop Dr T. Jeyakumar
Bishop Dr Dennis Raj a/l Manicadevaraj Dato’ Windsor Paul John
Bishop Joshua Khong Chee Leong Dr. David Palliah
Datuk Ho Hon Sang Mr. Albert Quah Chei Jin
Datuk Rasammah Naomi Rajendram (Bhupalan)