16 Mar 2021

God-given Opportunity to Serve the Community in 2021

Monsoon season in the East Coast of Malaysia started at the end of December 2020 and into the beginning of January 2021. Continuous downpour started in the evening of 2nd January 2021 and continued the next day. Rivers burst their banks and overfowed to villages and the low-lying areas of Taman Bintang, Cheroh, Raub, Benta, Mentakab, Jerantut, Maran, Kuantan, Pekan and other rural areas. Many residents were caught unaware and had to evacuate their homes. Fire fghters came to rescue many food victims from their homes.

When news of the food and damage was received, Bishop Dr. Jeyakumar, together with a team from the Methodist Crisis Relief and Development (MCRD) and some volunteers from the Eastern district churches went to Benta on 10 January 2021 to help the food victims there. Many people had lost everything as the water level had risen up to the roof tops of many houses.

To further help in the relief work, Cheroh Methodist Church also donated some provisions to families who sought shelter in a Hindu temple. MCRD also provided fnancial aid of RM300 to about 56 families comprising Indians, Chinese and Malays.

On 17th January 2021, a team from TMC Raub and Cheroh together with Rev Guok (Chinese Methodist Church Raub) distributed fnancial aid to all the families in Cheroh afected by the food.

Truly it was a joy to be able to help the food victims. Despite the risk of Covid-19, we trusted our Lord and went forth to help those in need.

On behalf of our Tamil Annual Conference (TAC) and our local churches, we want to thank MCRD for their volunteers and assistance in helping the people in Cheroh.